What does CHER.I stand for?

CHER.I – originating from the French word „cheri“ (fr. treasure, value) comprehends the following causally determined criteria:

C – Climate stabilization
H – Humanity progress
E – Environment protection
R – Resorces efficiency

I – Intelligence

The expression „intelligence“ which was seperated from the others by means of a point, shall illustrate the fact, that the previous four criteria must/ shall be treated intelligently each on their own as well as on the whole.

What is the idea?

CHER.I stands as a synonym for a global program, which shall be established with the aim of measuring, visualizing and controlling the future of planet Earth with all ist living creatures in a holistic and sustainable way!

Today´s world faces a number of immense problems, which need to be solved. Some of these problems are so close together that simple solutions will no longer suffice. To give you an example:

The topics „climate and environment“ are tightly linked with topics such as poverty within Third World countries. It is hence impossible to look at these topics individually and developping programs and projects around those without thinking out oft he box. This is where CHER.I comes into place. The concept stand for „holistic sustainability“. It shall enable politics, economics and societies to operate in ways that ensure overall ideal developments with regard to general future topics.

In retrospect

During the 1970ies a mental development evolved among various groups who would then include ecological topics into economical discussions. There was a rising demand for ecological advance in order to secure a future worth living! In this:

- Sience would point out
-   Politics would calm down
Economy would wait and see

Each group being seperated from one another and acting more or less intensively by themselves.

As a result, a couple of management systems were born such as:

-- Environmental review (EIA)
- Enivronment certification systems
Carbon footprint instruments

And last not least, the first global climate conference with its conclusion called Kyoto protocol.

Status quo

Currently we see a growing number of citizens around the globe, who are willing to force politics to move towards a direction that allows for citizens to actively partake in and control future topics instead of having these topics controlled by economic forces only.

As a result: NGO´s are being founded everywhere for that matter..

The following NGO´s serve as inspirations and role models for others to follow:

 - Greenpeace (International) - WWF (International)
 - Friends of the Earth (International)

 - BUND (Germany)
 - NABU (Germany) 

These NGO´s play without a doubt a major part in the development of new approaches.

They record a growing community of supporters. Usually each NGO forms itself around a specific topic, which marks the core of all their activitys.

These topics might be environmental, climate related or concerning humanity, economy etc.

And here lies the main problem. As much as each NGO may be granted credits regarding the topic of sustainability, this is only part of the solution for our global problems. The splitted approaches may even have diametrical effects.

To give you an example:

The categorial implementation of environmental measures may impede Third World countries from reducing poverty as best as they could.

This fact calls for a more balanced solution and for a clear understanding of priorities!

But how can we proceed here?



A new solution is called „CHER.I“. CHER.I stands for a holistic sustainability program with regard to political & economical practises.Transparency is key!Each enterprise, each product and each service shall be checked according to specific rules with regard tot he 4 CHER.I principals. The results shall then be published on a future CHER.I platform. In the first instance a focus shall lie on globally engaged companies. Every consumer may hence decide for themselves, who or what they prefer. Methodolohy and instruments must be worked out interdisciplinarily and shall be developped continuously.

Why present CHER.I on this website?

It is a must to present CHER.I on a website of its own.
However that requires finacial means.
We are therefor looking for supporters who would like to invest in CHER.I.
Pls. contact us via


The man behind


Rainer Wellenberg is a journalist within the energy sector. He ist he founder driving force behind the European energy platform „enerope“.

as well as the founder oft he energy knowledge encyclopedia „enerpedia“

On the side he initiated the website proCulture, wich is run by his wife Prtra Constanza.